Though Nissan's new commercial for the all-electric Leaf is barely a few weeks old, it's already enjoyed wide praise for people who enjoy a little "Awww..." with their car commercials.

Nissan's marketing department went for the heartstrings with a short bit about a polar bear that goes searching for hope in the modern world — while his world melts away due to climate change. He comes across a guy getting into his Nissan Leaf and the two just hug it out.

It seems that Nissan knew they'd have a hit on their hands — and have put together a cool little behind-the-scenes vignette that shows just how they made everything come together. And yes, the polar bear was real — at least in some spots.

Check out the video below:

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Behind-the-scenes of Nissan's polar bear commercial
Automaker pulls back the curtain to reveal the magic behind its latest ad for the all-electric Leaf.