Environmentalists who love Ben Harper’s music will be able to combine their musical tastes with eco-interests on Earth Day. On April 22 at 2pm ET (8 pm in Italy), Ben Harper will be performing live with Relentless7 at Piazza del Popolo in Rome — and the performance will air live on Nat Geo Music for your viewing pleasure.

Ben Harper’s apparently quite the environmentalist himself. In an interview with Sprig (below), Ben talks about touring on a biofuel bus, eating organic, farmers’ market food, and using recycled packaging and soy ink for his last album, Lifeline.

For the Earth Day performance, Ben Harper and Relentless7 will play songs from their upcoming album, White Lies for Dark Times, to be released in the U.S. May 5.

Ben Harper's Earth Day concert
Watch Ben Harper perform live at Piazza del Popolo in Rome on Nat Geo Music.