Interested in appearing in a new film with Ben Stiller? Like donating to good causes? Have more than $20K to burn? 


While that last qualification likely just dropped the majority of readers, for those that have the deep pockets, here's what you need to know. The comedian is auctioning off a walk-on role for his new flick "Neighborhood Watch," which also stars Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. According to the listing, the film tells "the story of an urbanite who discovers dangerous extraterrestrial activity when he moves to the suburbs and joins the neighborhood watch."


With less than 5 hours to go, the auction has already topped $23K. While nothing is specified, walk-on roles generally don't carry speaking parts — so don't expect serious screen time. However, since this whole thing benefits Ben Stiller's charitable foundation, you'll likely be kindly rewarded with at least a few seconds in the film doing something. You know, by playing the random cashier that Stiller and Vaughn buy an ice cream from or something. 


For those not familiar with The Stiller Foundation, it was created in 2009 by the comedian as a way to make a difference for children in the developing world. 


"I started this 'foundation' as a way of sort of channeling any funds and attention I could help raise into helping the people I think are doing amazing work to solve this problem," Stiller writes on his site. "In the little I have learned, it is clear that one of the keys to solving the problem of poverty is education. With all the immediate challenges of living in poverty, the long-term goal of educating kids in the most at-risk areas is a basic building block to help people have better lives."


With a clever blend of humor and earnest appeal, Stiller has succeeded in raising more than $300,000 for education projects in Haiti, including a new school. Earlier this summer, he once again tickled the funny bone by announcing a new campaign with the hilarious domain name of "". 


But enough talk — if you've got the means to help make a difference, as well as earn yourself a little silver screen time, jump in on this charity auction while you've still got a shot

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Ben Stiller auctions off movie role for charity
Walk-on role for new film 'Neighborhood Watch' to raise cash for actor's Stiller Foundation.