Back in 2009, Will Ferrell became the first celebrity to appear on survivalist Bear Gryll's popular series "Man vs. Wild;" enduring the harsh arctic tundra of Sweden. Soon after, Grylls happened to run into actor Ben Stiller who expressed interest in trying something similar. 

"He’s a friend of Will’s, and he likes the show," Grylls told, "and he loved the one with Will and I said, 'Well listen, why don’t we try and do it?' And he said ok.”

For whatever reason, that special guest appearance never worked out (though Grylls did manage to get Jake Gyllenhaal on the program) and the "Man vs. Wild" series was later cancelled in 2011. Last week, however, the pair finally connected to film an episode for a new outdoor series - traveling by boat to the beautiful Spar Cave on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. 

"It is a truly spectacular ­location but not easy to reach," David Brown, owner of the boat company hired for the journey, told The Herald Scotland. "They were very chatty and seemed to be enjoying themselves. They both stayed in the cave overnight and then departed by seaplane. I think they chose Skye because it is a wonderful outdoor location and is so picturesque.

"I know they also went into the mountains to do some filming and were here for a couple of days," he added. 

That length of time appears to fit nicely with the format of the "Wild Weekends" series Grylls has been producing since 2011. The series features the survivalist taking comedians outside their comfort zones and has previously featured Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, and Miranda Hart. Could Stiller be next? Either way, if it's anything like the hilarity of Ferrell's experience, count us in. 

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Ben Stiller finally gets his survival adventure with Bear Grylls
Actor ventured out with the survivalist for a night in a cave on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.