Disney's new animated "Big Hero 6," based on an obscure Marvel comic, is one of those films that people walk into out of curiosity and walk away, as a Vulture reviewer puts it, with "emotional whiplash."

More than a good vibes, however, "Big Hero 6" shines in the way it glorifies science, exposing kids to the welcome and needed message that being a nerd is cool. "You can see (that) things have changed, and nerd culture is the culture," co-director Chris Williams told USA Today.

Critics have been quick to pick up on the pro-nerd plotline, with Lisa Kennedy of the Denver Post writing:

"'Big Hero 6' celebrates nerd culture. And not merely the pop-culture- obsessed version (comic books) but the let's-invent-something-cool kind. Hey, kids, this PG flick asserts, it's good be taken with technology, crushed out on code, wowed by chemistry."

Adds io9's Charlie Anders: "The film's characters are pretty much all science geeks, and a lot of the most enjoyable scenes involve them geeking out about materials science and the difference between a titanium skeleton and a carbon fiber skeleton." He goes on to call "Big Hero 6" the year's best science-fiction film (topping "Guardians of the Galaxy") simply because of its geeky celebration of science saving the world. 

The film is currently enjoying a 89% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Check out a trailer below.  

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