Bigfoot (also known to friends as Sasquatch) has had enough with everyone trying to track him down, snag his DNA, and score a buck by faking his death. He's angry — and in the new film "EXISTS" from Eduardo Sanchez (co-director of "The Blair Witch Project"), he's taking out his frustrations on a group of college kids partying it up at a remote cabin in the woods. 

"It was about finding the character of what Bigfoot means to me," Sanchez told Shock Till You Drop earlier this year. "Very few exist and they're just holding onto survival and barely surviving. There are very few reports of hostile Bigfoot sightings. They just want to stay away from people. For me, it's this idea of why would this creature attack humans? There had to be a good reason. And the nature of Bigfoot is that he's half-creature and half-human, so I wanted to breathe some life into the human side of that and not make it this total mindless killing machine."

If it's not completely apparent by now, if you're under 30 and someone offers you a chance to spend a weekend at a cabin in some far-flung corner of the wilderness, kindly decline. You'll thank me later. 

Look for "EXISTS" to hit theaters in time for Halloween on Oct. 24. 

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Bigfoot turns angry in new trailer for 'EXISTS'
The cabin-in-the-woods horror flick formula get a new ingredient with a visit from Sasquatch.