Even Bill Murray cannot escape being pranked by George Clooney. 

The man, myth, and legend, currently starring with Clooney, Matt Damon, and John Goodman in "The Monuments Men," revealed during a press junket that he too has been fooled by the actor. 

"He's gotten me with gravel, when you leave his place," Murray told Yahoo! movies, saying that he regularly crashes at Clooney's LA home. "You're carrying your stuff, you're hefting all these bags, and you get to the gate and they go, 'Open up your bag.' And there's like 11 pounds of gravel in the bottom of your suitcase, and in all your bags. And you think: 'God, how does he find the time?'."

Quipped John Goodman: "He burned down my house." 

While Murray's prank was simple, the one played on Matt Damon during production on "Monument's Men" was a bit more elaborate. Before filming, Damon had admitted to Clooney that he was eager to get back into shape. Using this information, Clooney had Damon's pants taken in between one-eighth and one-16th of an inch every couple days. 

"This was a job where I would go back to New York, where I was living with my family, and I would come back (to film in Europe) for two weeks and then I'd go back to New York, and every time I came back my pants were tighter, and I was like, 'Ugh, this is weird. I've been going to the gym'," he added. 

Damon says he only found out about the prank after Clooney revealed his scheme in an interview. "I never said anything to him, which he probably loved even more," he told Jay Leno during a visit to "The Tonight Show". 

Check out the cast of "Monuments Men" chatting about Clooney's pranks below. 

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Bill Murray pranked by George Clooney with gravel
While discussing the new movie 'Monuments Men,' Murray reveals that he too has been the victim of a classic Clooney prank.