The true meaning of the universe and humanity's place within it has baffled people for ages — until now.

On last night's "Inside Amy Schumer" on Comedy Central, the comedian partnered with Bill Nye the Science Guy to reveal the true nature of the universe as less a playground for time and space and more a cosmic helpline for "white women in their 20s."

The bit is a hilarious play on both Fox's popular "Cosmos" series from last year and our own silly references from time to time of the universe "telling us something." Plus, for the first time ever, we get to hear our favorite science guy lose his cool in a most profane manner. Naturally, this one is NSFW, so either don the headphones or wait until you're safely home to enjoy. 

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Bill Nye, Amy Schumer explain why the universe really exists
Turns out the universe is not a 'chaotic collection of matter,' but more a force sending 'cosmic guidance to white women in their 20s'.