My Netflix subscription is proving to be some of the best money I spend each month. Between the "Gilmore Girls" revival and the ability to watch "The West Wing" all night when I have insomnia, the streaming service is invaluable. Come April, it's going to get even better when Bill Nye returns to TV with "Bill Nye Saves the World."

The show's short description on Netflix currently reads a little stiff: Bill Nye hosts a talk show exploring scientific issues from space exploration to fad diets. Guests join for lab demos and myth busting. The just-released trailer (seen above) reveals the show will be anything but stiff, and that he and his guest stars are having a blast.

alton brown, bill nye Alton Brown will make a guest appearance with Nye on the upcoming 'Bill Nye Saves the World.' (Photo: YouTube)

The guest star I'm most excited to see is Alton Brown, whose "Good Eats" show often married science and cooking. The trailer shows they've mastered the evil scientist laugh, and they're clearly having a lot of fun. Who else will show up on "Bill Nye Saves the World" for some "science-y" fun?

Actress Rachel Bloom, basketball player Diamond Stone, fashion consultant Tim Gunn and musician Steve Aoki are just a few of the guests we'll see on the show.

The show has great entertainment potential, but I think it will serve an even greater purpose at this particular moment in time. I hope it reminds people that science is based on verifiable facts. The trailer says the show will tackle climate change, and with a current president who said he believes climate change was made up by the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive, we need all the reminding we can get that science is real. Nye will also tackle GMOs, a topic that doesn't have the same scientific consensus that climate change does, but I won't be missing that episode.

Are you excited to see the Science Guy come back to TV to save the world?

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