In only a few weeks, Bill Nye the Science Guy will be one of the first people in America to take home the new Chevy Volt. 

The celebrity scientist and television personality was one of only 15 people chosen by General Motors to take part in their new Chevrolet Volt Customer Advisory Board; a group filled with "advanced technology enthusiasts and electric vehicle advocates" and created to "experience the Volt every day under real-world conditions during a three-month vehicle and charging evaluation program."

Nye and others -- including “Who Killed The Electric Car” star Chelsea Sexton, and TreePeople president Andy Lipkis -- will receive their new Volts (as well as a home charging station) sometime near the end of October. 

“We are eager to learn as much as we can from potential customers about their experience with the Volt,” said Tony DiSalle, Chevrolet Volt marketing director. “We want to know their thoughts, impressions, and perceptions. This special group of electric vehicle experts gives us the opportunity to learn even more as we near market launch.”

This isn't the first time Nye has taken part in an early test of an electric car. Back in October of 2009, MNN's Jim Motavalli reported on him being one of only 500 people in the U.S. to test out BMW's Mini-E electric car. That privilege, however, came with a steep price of $850/mo. 

To see the full 15-member team selected to test out the Volt, hit the press release here

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Bill Nye the Science Guy scores early Volt
Famous celebrity scientist joins exclusive 15-member advisory board put together by GM to record early impressions of their new electric vehicle.