L.A. neighborhoods have been battling big, digital billboards as urban blight, but one gallery is reusing vinyl billboards as eco-canvases for green-themed art. Last Saturday Eco-LogicalART gallery unveiled the latest recycled billboard creation at its Second Saturday at Eco-LA event.

Guests came out of the gallery en masse at 7 p.m. to gather on a sidewalk corner, counting down to the billboard veil drop. Anyone who drives down Pico Boulevard now will see eco-themed art from Keri Rosebarugh, Patricak Farrand and Steven Deo — The Meatrix fans will recognize some of the characters on the billboard — at least until the second Saturday of July, when the new pieces will go up.

Inside the gallery, artists were already at work on the billboard scheduled for the July event. Guests mingled in the warehouse gallery, taking in the eclectic art. Many of the pieces are made from salvaged or recycled materials, like this cute upcycled robot series.

The gallery shop also offers all manner of upcycled goods for sale, from vinyl records-turned-purses to hubcaps-turned-clocks to rackets-turned-mirrors (below, reflecting me).

The Second Saturday at Eco-LA series will happen every month for six more months. Peter Schulberg, founder and director of Eco-LogicalART, also plans to have other gallery events, from green art workshops for kids to biodiesel workshops, in the coming months.

Eco-LogicalART. 4829 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles. 310.525.0676.

Billboards become eco-art
Eco-Logical Art gallery in L.A. turns recycled billboards into original eco-themed art pieces.