It's Bob Barker to the rescue once again. 


The 88-year-old former host of "The Price is Right" has agreed to pay $880,000 to fund a private plane capable of flying three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to the Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) elephant sanctuary in San Andreas, Calif.


Back in October, the Toronto City Council decided by a vote of 31-4 to move the three elephants to the animal sanctuary, with Barker agreeing to fund the transport. While truck was the preferred method, it was later learned that one of the elephants would not be able to withstand the journey, so Barker reached a bit deeper into his wallet.


“These three elephants have suffered so much for so long and now they have an opportunity to live the rest of their lives at what has been described as ‘elephant paradise,’ ” Barker said in a statement released Friday.


“To think that one of them might not survive the trip in a truck touched my heart and purse strings.” 


According to reports, the elephants will travel in crates aboard a massive Russian cargo plane.


PAWS describes its sanctuaries as “places where abandoned, abused, or retired performing animals and victims of the exotic animal trade can live in peace and dignity.” It's expected that the three elephants will have more than 80 acres to roam, greatly expanding the limited space they had in Toronto. 


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Bob Barker funds private elephant flight
Animal activist shells out $880,000 to fly three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to an animal sanctuary in California.