Bob Barker joined some key members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on "Larry King Live" last night to discuss whaling and the group's efforts to put an end to it.

The 86-year-old revealed that he became involved with the organization after an animal activist friend contacted him and said he should meet the founder, Captain Paul Watson.

"So Paul and I met," he related. "and I was very impressed with him. And I listened to what he had to say about what he needed -- and he explained to me that he was trying to sink the Japanese whaling fleet economically. And he said 'If I have $5 million dollars, I can do it.' And I said, 'Alright, you have $5 million dollars, let's do it.'

For that money, Barker was able to provide the Sea Shepherd with a new ship, named in his honor, and a helicopter.Check out the video below for more; including how Barker feels about the violent conflicts that can sometimes errupt during campaigns.


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Bob Barker talks Sea Shepherd on Larry King Live
Animal activist and former 'Price is Right' host explains how he became involved with controversial anti-whaling org.