In an effort to chronicle its role in one of America's worst environmental disasters, BP has commissioned a feature-length documentary covering the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

While this won't be the hard-hitting, exposé commonly found in documentaries of this nature, the NY Times reports that the oil giant isn't looking to "scrub its reputation clean" either. 

The company putting together the film is World Television, which has produced more than 190 Web videos about the oil spill this year. The company has worked with BP for decades in crafting its internal videos. 

“They are making a film of the spill primarily for an internal audience as an archive of a momentous event in the company’s history (not to mention those impacted by the tragedy and its aftermath),” Robert Wine, a spokesman for BP, said in an e-mail to the Times.

The production is just starting development, with World Pictures lining up journalists and other figures to participate. No word yet on if BP will also publish the documentary online as it has with their other films. In today's environment, it seems like it would be fairly difficult to keep something like this "internal" for long. 

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BP creating documentary on Gulf oil spill
Feature-length film to serve as an archive of the disaster, will only be shown internally.