Seventy days hasn't been enough for BP to find a way to stop the oil spewing into the Gulf, but in today's world, it's plenty of time to create a game based on the disaster.

Super Boise, an independent game development company, has just released "Crisis in the Gulf" for the Xbox 360. It allows players to tackle different difficulties of oil spills using submersibles equipped with lasers, cannons and torpedoes.

In other words, it's a low-budget Michael Bay film.

The game developers from Super Boise describe their game like this: "The government and oil corporations have failed to stop the oil leak. Clearly they haven't tried tower defense!! Do you have what it takes to cap the leak?"

While you blast away at the oil, a news ticker scrolls across the top with current events. There's even a little zinger at Sarah Palin's "Drill, Baby, Drill" slogan.

Xbox owners can download a demo of the game for free or pay 80 points ($1) to download the whole game. If you're interested in having a look, gaming blog Kotaku made a video of all the action. Their verdict: While the premise of a game based on current events is intriguing, the game itself isn't "very fun".

Yup — I think I'll stick to Mario. At least nothing bad can happen ... oh wait.

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