Gossip sites around the Web are reporting that Brad Pitt is showing interest in creating a film centered around the BP oil disaster.

That the actor would pursue such a project is not surprising considering his affinity for Gulf Coast living. Not only is his Make It Right foundation based in New Orleans, but he also owns a home in the city's popular French Quarter.

No doubt, Pitt would go to great lengths to make sure the film somehow benefited the Gulf residents being affected by the disaster. Back when he began working to help rebuild New Orleans after Katrina, people were impressed with how focused he was on making a difference.

"Pitt went to every meeting, met with local politicians and really wanted to learn firsthand what were the challenges," said Global Green's Matt Petersen. "Some people want attention. He's low-key and interested to talk to people."

No word yet on which dramatic story line coming out of the Gulf Pitt's film might choose to cover.

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Brad Pitt turning BP oil disaster into film?
Rumors swirl that actor is interested in producing flick based on Gulf spill.