Rest easy "Walking Dead" — you've got the zombie scene covered for at least another 16 months. 


Paramount Pictures recently announced that next Christmas will not feature a zombiepocalypse in theaters, with the highly anticipated "World War Z" delayed until June 21, 2013.


The film stars Brad Pitt as a U.N. worker racing to stop a zombie pandemic from destroying society. It was originally announced to debut on Dec. 21, 2012 — a date notoriously known as the last day in the Mayan calendar (aka, the end of the world).


While the time slot change wasn't explained, perhaps Paramount was concerned with its decidedly gruesome tone impacting it negatively during the holidays. Such a production seems primed for summer, though it won't win the dollars easily. Also debuting on June 21 is the sequel to Pixar's box-office giant "Monsters, Inc.," which means zombies and monsters will be fighting it out for box office supremacy. 


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Brad Pitt's zombie flick delayed to 2013
'World War Z' to debut on June 21, 2013.