As we rocket towards the high-anticipated, nail-biting, what's-sure-to-be-explosive series finale of "Breaking Bad" this Sunday, only one thing is known for sure: fans really, really love this show.

Need more proof than soaring ratings and crazy-popular prop auctions? Look no further than what just happened over on the fundraising site Aaron Paul, who plays the character Jesse Pinkman on the AMC series, just raised close to $1.8 million for the anti-bullying charity The Kind Campaign.

When we last visited the campaign on Friday, Paul and the Omaze crew were closing in on $750,000 for the opportunity for a lucky fan to win a trip for two to L.A. to hang with the cast during the "Breaking Bad" finale screening. Not only will Aaron Paul personally pick you up at the airport, but you'll also party it up before the premiere, roll up in the "Breaking Bad" RV, hang out afterwards, and then, according to 34-year-old actor, "toilet paper the sh*t out of Bryan Cranston's house."

As the number of people participating in the contest (entries started at only $10) pushed the fundraiser close to $1.4 million, Paul decided to sweeten the pot by throwing in an additional trip to Los Angeles for the finale. Ten third-place winners will get signed hazmat suits and gas masks.

"I don't know what else we can do to make that night more incredible for us. Maybe I can be the godfather of your children or possibly travel back in time to save Jane's life," Paul said in a video posted to Facebook. "I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly grateful I am."

Coupled with Bryan Cranston's Omaze campaign earlier this summer, both of the leading actors have collectively raised more than $2.1 million for charity. A sweet and generous gift from fans as near the end of a masterful series.

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'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul charity contest raises $1.8M
Two lucky fans and their guests will now fly to Los Angeles to party with the cast of 'Breaking Bad' during the series finale.