Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, the two stars of AMC's drama "Breaking Bad," have cooked up a charity fundraiser that even Walter White would be envious of. 

Using the fundraising site Omaze.com, the pair have netted more than $1 million for charities close to their hearts. Back in August, before the "Breaking Bad" Season Five premiere, Cranston gave some lucky fans an opportunity to win a ride with him and the cast to the official screening; cruising up to the red carpet in the series' famed classic RV. Participants simply had to donate an amount to his fundraising site for a chance to win — with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. 

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Cranston says he was able to raise more than $300,000 for the charity. "They did it efficiently and thoroughly, and in an incredibly short period of time," he praised. "They were Omazing!"

Co-star Aaron Paul is now following suit with a contest of his own,  once again giving fans a chance to win a ride to the series finale on Sept. 29. Not only will the 34-year-old personally pick you up at the airport, but you'll also party it up before the premiere, roll up in the RV, hang out afterwards, and then, according to Paul, "toilet paper the sh*t out of Cranston's house." 

Sound like fun? Many other fans are thinking the same thing. In fact, Paul's campaign is on track to top $750,000, with donations benefiting The Kind Campaign, an anti-bullying charity started by his wife, Lauren Parsekian. 

You can see Paul hilariously promo his fundraiser below. You have until Sept. 25 to throw your money in for a good cause and score a chance to win. 

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'Breaking Bad' stars cook up over $1M for charity
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul use the fundraising site Omaze.com to score funds for charity and mingle with fans.