After an insane three-and-a-half hour performance to a sold-out crowd at the L.A. Sports Arena last week, music legend Bruce Springsteen called over security and asked if they could escort a 9-year-old fan and his dad backstage. The 56-year-old had noticed the kid's sign, which said: "Bruce, I will be late for school tomorrow. Will you sign my note?"

Springsteen decided to make the boy's dream come true.

“Well, I was a little dumbfounded; my brain just wasn’t working right," Xabi Glovsky told CBS Los Angeles. "He said 'I heard you need a note for your teacher. I think I can help you with that',” Xabi said.

Springsteen grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote what's probably the best tardy school note ever.

“Ms. Jackson, Xabi has been out late rocking and rolling," he wrote. "Please excuse him if he’s tardy.”

Xabi, who's father Scott has been singing him Springsteen songs since he was a baby, said that the boy's teacher accepted the note gladly.

“It was incredibly touching … Bruce’s kindness and generosity and gift that he gave to my son,” Scott said.

This isn't the first time Springsteen has felt inspired to reach out to fans bearing notes at concerts. Just last month during a set in Toronto, he noticed a homemade sign bearing a request for a "birthday dance" with an 88-year-old fan. He promptly invited the birthday girl on stage and the two shared a private moment in front of thousands of fans swaying to "Dancing in the Dark."

Remarked Evelyn Raftery after the dance: "I hope I remember it for a very long time."

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Bruce Springsteen gives young fan a late note for school
The Bruce just delivered the ultimate excuse for 9-year-old Xabi Glovsky.