One of the many things I've learned from horror movies is that attractive people plus an abandoned cabin in the woods does not equal a good time. Everyone generally ends up dead due to some creature, crazy axe-wielding psycho, or the undead. You're better off booking a resort — or having ugly friends. 


Unfortunately, such is the premise behind the new film "Cabin in the Woods" — or is it? There just might be enough new twists in this one to make it worth your movie ticket, thanks to the creative mind of Joss Whedon, who co-wrote and produced the long-delayed flick. 


Even the trailer seems to be setting us up — with an intro that could set the stage for just about any horror flick involving the great outdoors. Stoner dude? Check. Hot guys and girls? Check. Cabin that "strangely" doesn't register on the GPS? Check. Creepy gas station guy? Double-check. But a little string of words teasing "You think you know the story..." followed by some truly odd sequences promises something more. 


Let's hope Whedon and Co. deliver. Check out the trailer below. 


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'Cabin in the Woods' trailer arrives online
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