Earlier this month — after the Obama administration officially unveiled the recipes for two of its custom White House beers — the excitement in the homebrew industry was palpable. 


But for every brewmaster who leapt into action to create his own version of the "First Ale," there were many more standing on the sidelines with cups ready, wondering when someone might mass produce the stuff. Well, fret no more great nation; the White House Brewing Company is ready to satiate your thirst. All it needs in return is a little American support to get the financial resources in place to start brewing.


From Kickstarter: "Our home brew, though mighty, is too small, so we need to grow bigger. Kickstarters, this is where you come in. Join us on our amazing journey to up-size to a brewery that could finally appease America's thirst for the White House beer."


The company, calling itself "the world's first crowd-sourced, crowd-organized brewery," intends to give all participants in the fundraising campaign a vote in deciding the direction of the business, from "from location to logos."



"We have designed some great pledge levels to get everyone involved, searched for the perfect location, designed bottles, logos, apparel and more," the founders state. "Every choice will be made democratically, with every backer getting a vote in even the most minute of detail. We will do the hard work, the execution, the nitty gritty, we're here to execute." 


They add: "We want everyone to feel like they helped create White House Brewing, not just threw money at something cool on the Internet. When everything is said and done, you'll call this company yours."


The goal is to raise $50,000 by Oct. 7. If you would like to contribute to the mission of getting more White House beer into the hands of thirsty Americans everywhere, jump here


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Campaign launched to mass produce White House beer
Campaign launched to mass produce White House beer. White House Brewing Company aims to become the world's first 'crowd-sourced, crowd-organized brewery.'