More than 20 years after the first episode appeared on television, "Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Season One" is finally coming to DVD.

Available ahead of Earth Day on April 19, 2011, the set is being produced by Shout! Factory and will include 26 episodes and some yet-unknown bonus features. According to the release, the four-DVD box set naturally boasts a specially designed eco-friendly packaging made of 100 percent recycled paper. (As if our blue superhero would settle for anything less.)

The first season's voice cast features some well-known celebrities including Meg Ryan, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Sheen, Jeff Goldblum, LeVar Burton and Sting. I'm really hoping that the bonus features might include some early voice demos of Tom Cruise as Captain Planet.

Wait — you knew that Tom Cruise was the original choice to voice the blue superhero, right? 

In all, there were three seasons of "Captain Planet" filling up 113 episodes. According to Wikipedia, this makes it the second longest running cartoon of the '90s.

Here's hoping that Shout! Factory gets to box up the remaining two seasons of our favorite blue superhero. In the meantime, be sure to browse through MNN's exclusive collection of 20 full episodes of "Captain Planet," as well as pre-order ($21.99) the season one DVD from Amazon here.


"Captain Planet" is an animated series created by Ted Turner in the 1990s. is the primary source for "Captain Planet" episodes on the Web. 

Captain Planet is a superhero whose powers are implemented by a team of five Planeteers (as well as himself), each of whom helps combat environmental catastrophes like pollution, animal poaching, water scarcity and more. Each episode of "Captain Planet" involves the captain and his planeteers tackling different dilemmas and nefarious eco-villains.

Numerous celebrities contributed voice work to the show, including Meg Ryan, Jeff Goldblum, Whoopi Goldberg and many others. You can watch all the Captain Planet episodes on MNN  and you can learn more about the series by going behind the scenes with the creators and major players.

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'Captain Planet' finally coming to DVD
Season One of the popular animated environmentalist series to hit in April.