If you're still rubbing your eyes after reading the title of this article, I don't blame you. Rumors of a live-action film based on the widely-loved early 90s cartoon "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" have been circulating for years now. But today comes word that it's actually happening — and with some serious backing. 

In a press release, Ted Turner's Cartoon Network announced a partnership with producer Don Murphy to take the environmental series and adapt it for the silver screen. Murphy, along with his partner Susan Montford, are the same team that successfully took the "Transformers" franchise from cartoon to live-action blockbuster. In a press release, it's clear that the same formula will be applied to the blue-skinned superhero. 

“We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life,” said Murphy. “His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations. We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network.” 

“With the earthquakes, tornadoes, melting icebergs and all the other problems threatening the world right now, Earth really needs her greatest defender,” said partner Susan Montford.

Naturally, news of this kind is being met with everything from glee to sadness that yet another childhood memory could be destroyed by Hollywood. One hope for the film is that the producers take a look at an early script for a 1997 feature length animated film based on the series that, according to writer Michael Reaves, "got lost in the shuffle when Turner and Warner Bros. merged."

"It was going to be a theatrical feature, called simply 'Planet,' and it was a good 180 degrees different from the TV series," Reaves said in an interview. "It was quite dark, set in a post-apocalyptic future, and I think it was one of my better efforts."

MNN, which offers full streaming episodes of "Captain Planet and the Planeteers," also scored some exclusive early footage of designs from that defunct production. It's an interesting look at where the franchise may have gone — and I'll be just as curious to see how Murphy envisions adapting the character to a live-action setting. 

Since this one is just entering development, it will be years before it actually hits theaters — but just for fun, who would you like to see fill the various roles of Captain Planet and his team of eco-warriors? Chime in below!


"Captain Planet" is an animated series created by Ted Turner in the 1990s. MNN.com is the primary source for "Captain Planet" episodes on the Web. 

Captain Planet is a superhero whose powers are implemented by a team of five Planeteers (as well as himself), each of whom helps combat environmental catastrophes like pollution, animal poaching, water scarcity and more. Each episode of "Captain Planet" involves the captain and his planeteers tackling different dilemmas and nefarious eco-villains.

Numerous celebrities contributed voice work to the show, including Meg Ryan, Jeff Goldblum, Whoopi Goldberg and many others. You can watch all the Captain Planet episodes on MNN  and you can learn more about the series by going behind the scenes with the creators and major players.

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'Captain Planet' movie in development
Live-action adventure film to be produced by the same team that launched the successful 'Transformers' franchise.