If you watched “An Inconvenient Truth” with your Sierra Club hiking buddies — and joined a group bicycle ride to catch a screening of “FUEL” — the question I’ll ask next has probably crossed your mind: How can we convince the not-already-converted to see important eco-documentaries?

A new documentary due out in theaters next month aims to do that. Peter Byck’s “Carbon Nation” is described as “a climate change solutions movie that doesn’t even care if you believe in climate change.” Featuring everyone from Van Jones to Richard Branson, “Carbon Nation” is a film focused on clean energy solutions — that are smart not just for the environment but also for the economy. Here’s the preview:

MNN’s tech blogger Karl Burkhart wrote about a rough cut of the film back in June. Now, the documentary’s coming to theaters in major cities. Angelenos and New Yorkers will get to see the film next month, while Portland, Seattle, and Austin residents can buy theater tickets in March.
'Carbon Nation': A green film for climate change deniers
A new environmental documentary aims to bridge the gap between global warming skeptics and environmentalists.