Animal-lover Carrie Underwood took to the Twitter scene yesterday and posted a number of photos showing her holding armfuls of adorable cats and kittens. "Hanging out at the Checotah animal shelter!," she wrote. "Anyone want a kitten? I think we have a few!!! Ha ha!"


The shelter, located in the singer's native town of Checotah, Okla., is a place Underwood tends to visit anytime she comes home. Back in 2009, she established the C.A.T.S. (Checotah Animal, Town, School) foundation as a way of giving back to the community that helped make her a star. 


“My hometown is extremely supportive of me and I feel blessed to be able to create something as a way of giving back; to say thank you,” she writes on the foundation's site. 


Back in 2011, Underwood's foundation paid for a new animal shelter for the town. "It funded the building here, and before we had the building she was funding our spaying and neutering," Carol Underwood, Carrie's mom told News6.


While the town pays for utilities and food, C.A.T.S. pays for all the rest, which equals free adoptions for anyone interested in saving a life. 


“I have always been an animal lover,” Underwood told CBS News. "I worked at a vet clinic when I was in college. When I was little I always brought animals into the house, and [nursed] sick animals back to health.


You can learn more about the Checotah Animal Shelter here. Check out the video below of Underwood promoting animal adoption for Pedigree earlier this year:



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Carrie Underwood promotes animal adoption
Carrie Underwood promotes animal adoption. The country music superstar visits her hometown animal shelter to promote rescue of abandoned dogs and cats.