Paper carvings: My Mother's Story

Images courtesy of Maude White

A piece of paper is typically a mere vehicle upon which to write, type or draw, but there are plenty of imaginative artists out there who know it can be much more than that. From the mind-bending paper gourd sculptures of Li Hongbo to the fantastically filigreed quill art of Yulia Broskaya, the creative possibilities of paper are endless.

In the case of Maude White, an artist based in New York's Hudson Valley, paper has become a way for her to communicate ideas that simply aren't expressed as well with words.

White specializes in intricate paper carvings of wildlife, people and dreamlike situations, all of which are meticulously cut with an X-Acto knife. Her pieces featuring birds and their expansive, detailed wings are especially riveting and impressive, as seen below in the carving depicting a red-tailed hawk:

Paper carvings: Red-tailed hawk

"I feel that there are very few things in the world as reliable and constant as paper," White writes in her artist statement. "Paper is everywhere and it has been telling stories for centuries. By respecting and honoring paper for what it is, and not considering it a stepping-stone to something greater, I feel like I am communicating some of the pleasure it brings to me."

View more of White's amazing work below or on her portfolio website, and be sure to check her Instagram for all her latest updates!

Paper carvings: Navigating waves

Paper carvings: Ship on feather

Paper carvings: Blowing bubbles

Paper carvings: Maxfield dragon

Paper carvings: Heron

Paper carvings: Dragonfly

Paper carvings: Women with plant-like hairs

Paper carvings: Animal skull

Paper carvings: Waves

Paper carvings: Map rooster

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