Catchingcorners: Green grass

All images courtesy Zhenya Aerohockey

Nature is known for its wabi sabi tendencies, but even these imperfections are based on order and precision. In "Catchingcorners," Russian photographer Zhenya Aerohockey identifies some sublime examples of organic yet orderly corners.

Based in St. Petersburg, Aerohockey originally started his Instagram-based project in February 2013 to train his imagination and make an effort to observe more details in the world around him. From brick walls to toast, the same right angle can be seen, even in the midst of the rough edges of ordinary life.

Today, the series boasts more than 200 images with new ones added all the time. Continue below for a selection of Aerohockey's work, and don't forget to check out the entire series on Instagram.

Catchingcorners: Lunch
Catchingcorners: Blue sky
Catchingcorners: Blue sky
Catchingcorners: Autumn leaves and bricks
Catchingcorners: Passport
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Catchingcorners: Garish
Catchingcorners: Yellow
Catchingcorners: Cemetery flowers
Catchingcorners: Boat tied up
Catchingcorners: Aqua glass
Catchingcorners: Corner building
Catchingcorners: Shadow
Catchingcorners: Shadow
Catchingcorners: Keyboard
Catchingcorners: White door
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