While Park City, Utah is widely known as the home of the Sundance Film Festival, there's a smaller, furry-focused competitor in its midst that's eager to steal a bit of the spotlight. 

Behold - the "Catdance Film Festival," a Fresh Step litter-sponsored event that honors the very best in original, scripted cat films in 3-D. Now in its second year, the event was held last weekend in the heart of the independent film scene. Film being screened included such titles as "The Clever Cat," "Dirty Paws: A Feline Noir," and "Dreams are Real." 

"The Catdance Film Festival is special because we are showcasing original, scripted short films," said Smita Peri, brand manager for Fresh Step litter. "These aren't your typical home cat videos, they are independent films by talented storytellers that were inspired by the smart and quirky nature of cats."

Fresh Step has also partnered with the ASPCA on an official t-shirt for Catdance  - with all of the proceeds benefiting the animal rescue org. 

Check out MSNBC reporter Louis Burgdorf's report from this year's Catdance Film Festival below. 

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Catdance: The furry side of the Sundance Film Festival
Now in it's second year, this mini-festival honors the best original, scripted cat films - while also benefiting pets in need.