Cate Blanchett, along with husband Andrew Upton, took to the roof of Australia’s Sydney Theatre Company to celebrate the start of the theater’s $5.2 million solar power installation project. More than 70% of the building's power will be provided by the 1,906 panels -- together generating 500KW.

”As a cultural institution we want to be engaged in what is the most important issue that is facing us as a species, that is, climate change,” Blanchett, who serves as the theater’s artistic director, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Once completed, the theatre will have the second-largest rooftop solar installation in all of Australia. In addition to the photovoltaics, there will also be efficiency upgrades in the use of heating and lighting — as well as a rainwater harvesting, storage and distribution system to supply all of building's non-potable water.

Blanchett, 41, and Upton, 43, started at the theatre two years ago as artistic directors. They’ve recently agreed to stay on in their positions until 2013.

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Cate Blanchett kicks off Sydney solar installation
Over 1,900 panels to be installed on roof of Australia’s Sydney Theatre Company.