What would you pay to taste the tap water of a famous celebrity? 

The question may seem absurd, but then again, so is the idea of luxury bottled water. In a play on this ridiculous niche industry, The Tap Project has partnered with several famous faces to bottle their tap water and help raise cash for UNICEF.

Celebs including Selena Gomez, Adrian Grenier, Dwight Howard, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Robin Williams are involved in "Celebrity Tap." For a $5 donation, fans will be entered to win a case of this exclusive bottled water.

“Celebrity involvement can highlight the value of safe, clean water, which most of us consume every day without thinking twice,” said Caryl Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “It can galvanize the support needed to help children who are forced to gamble with their lives every time they take a drink of water. Every day more than 4,000 children die from water-related diseases. Just one dollar provides 40 days of clean drinking water to a child in need.”

Since 2007, The Tap Project has raised more than $2.5 million for clean water projects through UNICEF. If you would like to help — or simply try your luck at winning some Celebrity Tap — hit the official (and hilarious) site for the giveaway here.

Check out a promotion for the celeb H20 below:

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