A group of celebrities is once again traveling to Tanzania in an attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and raise awareness on the global water crisis.

Back in 2010, the Summit on the Summit campaign featured Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, and other well-known faces successfully completing the seven-day, fifty-mile climb. This time, a host of "cultural influencers" - including actor Justin Chatwin, singer Mark Foster, Grammy-winner Kenna, and photographer Chase Jarvis - will undertake the challenge.

"The global water crisis touches everyone, and SUMMIT's primary mission is to educate the climbers and general public to give them the resources and forum to engage with and inspire others," said Kenna. "The gaming and social media platforms are our connection to supporters as we scale the mountain and what will sustain the life of the initiative long after the climb is complete. We are building an army for the cause. Water-borne disease is preventable in the same way Kilimanjaro is climbable -- we just need the allies to affect change." 

According to the release, actress Olivia Wilde and Dianna Agron will be on the ground cheering on and supporting the team via social media. Real-time updates, photos, and video during the climb will once again be available via the campaign's awesome website - with the new addition of a heavy social media component. From the release: 

Users will be encouraged to join the online "Summit Seeker" community, a first-of-its-kind, interactive social gaming platform. "Summit Seeker" allows supporters to follow the climbers on their ascent of Kilimanjaro, viewing the climbers' tweets, pictures, status updates and other original content from the mountain in real time. Users are rewarded for their participation in everything from signing a personal water conservation pledge to following along in their own virtual climb, with prizes ranging from HP Ultrabook™ devices powered by Intel to a pair of round-trip tickets on KLM.
Ready to follow along on the 19,341 foot climb? Check out the official site here

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Celebs again climb Kilimanjaro for clean water
Chase Jarvis, Justin Chatwin, and others will climb 50 miles to raise awareness of the global clean water crisis.