The growing world of unique and beautiful skateparks finally has its own version of the Sistine Chapel.

The church of Santa Barbra, a 113-year-old Romanesque revival in Llanera, Spain, has been reborn as an indoor skatepark.

“It was pretty much in ruins when we started the project,” Ernesto Fernández Rey, who purchased the formerly abandoned site five years ago, told the U.K. Guardian. “The walls were stained, paint was peeling and there was dust everywhere.”

Initially repurposed for a new business he was thinking of starting, Rey decided instead to turn the site into a reflection of his love for skateboarding. Word quickly spread about the project, with a group called the "Church Brigade" springing up to see the project to completion. Over the last several years, through self-financing and DIY construction, they've managed to transform the space into a beautiful half-pipe unlike any other.

La Iglesia SkateThe ceiling of La Iglesia Skate features colorful geometric murals from Madrid street artist Okuda San Miguel. (Photo: Church Brigade/Facebook)

"La Iglesia Skate is the place where the passion for skateboarding and DIY have reached the sky," the official site declares. "Domes, windows and ramps coexist in a unique setting to practice what for many is more than a religion, skateboarding."

Not surprisingly, the new skatepark also managed to attract its own Michelangelo. Madrid street artist Okuda San Miguel saw photos of the space and volunteered to paint his colorful murals on the walls and ceiling. "I fell in love right away," he said in a video interview.

Want to skate in this self-described "Temple of Urban Art"? Hit the official site to reach out and set up your appointment.

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Century-old church transformed into skatepark
Abandoned for decades, the church of Santa Barbara in Spain has been given new life as a colorful retreat for skateboarders.