Paper wolf: Fox

All photos courtesy of Wolfram Kampffmeyer/Paper Wolf

Lions, unicorns and flamingos, oh my! Papercraft is taken to a virtual level with these whimsical 3-D wildlife sculptures.

Wolfram Kampffmeyer, a German computer animator who works under the name Paperwolf, was inspired to create his beautiful "zoo" of paper animals after spending countless hours rendering similar creatures in the virtual 3-D modeling world.

Paper wolf artist, Wolfgram Kampffmeyer

Kampffmeyer's first sculpture was the "LittleBigPiggy" (seen above, in the artist's arms), which he describes as "easy to handle, house-trained and always in a good mood." Soon after, he began designing "The Big Five" (also above), a series of wall-mounted busts depicting some of Africa's most iconic animals (minus all the bloodshed associated with real-life trophy hunting).

Following the success of these early projects, Kampffmeyer added more animals to his paper zoo. From anteaters (below) to unicorns, the possibilities are endless!

Paper wolf: Anteaters

The best part about these sculptures is that you can buy and assemble them yourself for your own home. Made on high-quality card stock in your choice of color, these gorgeous DIY pieces arrive at your door pre-cut with perforated folding lines to help guide you through the assembly process. All you need is time, patience and a little bit of glue.

Continue below to see other amazing paper animals, and be sure to check out the Paperwolf Etsy to start building your own!

Paper wolf: Unicorn

Paper wolf: Flamingos

Paper wolf: Antlers

Paper wolf: Meerkats

Paper wolf: Rhino

Paper wolf: Penguin

Paper wolf: Polar bear

Paper wolf: Green deer antlers

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