While they've yet to specifically explain why, Cheap Trick has gone ahead and canceled its February 8th performance at SeaWorld's "Bands, Brew, and BBQ" concert series. Without a doubt, the decision is likely due to the animal documentary "Blackfish," which in recent weeks has influenced groups such as the Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson, and HEART to drop out of the event. 

"More than 3,600 people signed my Change.org petition encouraging Cheap Trick to cancel their SeaWorld performance, and reports say that they have dropped the date! I started my petition after I heard that Barenaked Ladies were persuaded by public pressure, and I'm so glad to see my petition helped keep up this momentum from talented artists who apparently refuse to be part of SeaWorld's marketing machine," wrote Christine Loughead on Change.org.

Not slated to perform at the event, but making noise of her own is Joan Jett - who fired off a cease and desist letter to SeaWorld President Jim Atchison over the use of her hit "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" for one of its orca promotions. 

"I'm among the millions who saw 'Blackfish' and am sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals," Jett, a long-time animal advocate wrote. "These intelligent and feeling creatures communicate by sonar and are driven crazy in the tiny tanks in which they are confined.

"SeaWorld's reliance on cruelty and captivity for commerce has been widely exposed," Jett's continued. "I hope you'll take the respectable path and release the captive orcas to coastal sanctuaries so that they can live out their lives with other orcas in nature. This move would show that your company is truly family-friendly."

Check out a trailer for "Blackfish," which is currently short-listed for an Oscar nomination, below. 

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Cheap Trick just canceled their SeaWorld performance
Band becomes the latest to distance itself from the theme park as the fallout from the killer whale documentary 'Blackfish' grows.