The star of Disneynature's hit film "Chimpanzee" has reportedly gone missing. 


Oscar, the adorable young chimp who was filmed over four years in the African forests, has not been seen by production staff since filming wrapped in September 2011. 


"We don't know where he is. Since we left the Ivory Coast, researchers haven't seen him," Director Mark Linfield told USA Today. "We have our fingers crossed for him."


Oscar's story, which is playing out on screens across America, has touched the heartstrings of audiences, pulling in $10.6 million during its Earth Day opening weekend. As it has done with previous films like "Oceans" and "African Cats," Disney is using proceeds generated from the opening to benefit charity, in this case the Jane Goodall Institute


“We couldn’t be happier to extend this collaboration to help the Jane Goodall Institute better protect chimpanzees and the places they call home,” Goodall said in announcing Disneynature's intention to continue donating through May 3. “A film like ‘Chimpanzee’ helps spread the passion we have for these extraordinary beings, sharing the truly relatable moments experienced by Oscar and his fellow chimpanzees in a way that will hopefully inspire audiences to continue their support long after the movie ends.” 


As for Oscar, Linfield isn't ready to suggest that some calamity may have befallen him. "It's a big forest and chimpanzees wander far and wide," Linfield told the site. "We're all hoping he pops up again."


You can check out a trailer for the film below. 

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'Chimpanzee' star Oscar is missing
Adorable primate featured in the hit film has not been seen since production wrapped last year.