Much like Tom Cruise a few years ago, Chuck Norris has become the latest celebrity with the dubious honor of having a new strain of marijuana named after him.

Back in April ’08, lawyers for Tom Cruise became “concerned” over licensed cannabis clubs in Northern California selling a strain of marijuana called “Tom Cruise Purple.” It reportedly featured a picture of Tom Cruise on the front laughing hysterically. Said one weed connoisseur, “I heard it’s the kind of pot that makes you hallucinate.”

Indeed, the new "Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream" is described as having "quite the kick." Get it? Ha.

When TMZ contacted a rep for the 70-year-old actor, the rep replied that the product “is definitely not an authorized use of his name.”

True — but it's definitely hilarious. It's unclear whether any legal means will be taken to stop the cannabis clubs from selling the new strain. As far as I know, Tom Cruise Purple is still available — most likely the result of the PR nightmare it would require to go after it.

Said lawyer Lisa Bloom in '08, "You know, if his lawyers sue over this, I'm going to wonder what they've been smoking. Nobody really thinks that Tom Cruise is endorsing this particular kind of marijuana. Why don't celebrities occasionally just laugh — just laugh at things? This is obviously supposed to be a joke. There's a picture of him laughing on it. He's clearly not making any money off of it. He's not endorsing it. I say, just let it go."

Will Chuck Norris follow suit, or will he just round-house kick the entire state of California and be done with it? Stay tuned.

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