Sting and Trudie Styler will be among a small class of distinguished and accomplished individuals when they are awarded the Citizen Award at the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative or CGI later this month in New York City. It's the fifth year the CGI has given out the awards, which honor those for their "leadership in addressing global challenges in philanthropy, government, civil society, and the corporate sector."

The celebrity couple are being recognized for their decades-long commitment to conserving the world's rain forests and defending the rights of the indigenous peoples who live there. Along with Belgian filmmaker Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, Sting and Styler founded "The Rainforest Foundation" in 1989 to funnel donations and help fund initiatives around the globe. 

"Over the years our work has grown and expanded into 18 countries across three continents," Styler wrote in a 2008 Huffington Post piece. "The foundation has protected over 115,000 sq km of rainforest, including the demarcation of an area the size of Switzerland (41,000 sq km) in Brazil in 1994, preserving it by law from any incursions. Our current projects aim to save nearly one million square kilometers of rainforest -- that's an area the combined size of the United Kingdom, Ireland and France."

According to a release, Sting will also be rocking a live performance during the three day conference, Sept. 20-22. 

“Since we began in 2005, CGI members have made great progress in addressing critical global issues by making more than 2,000 commitments through CGI that have and will improve the lives of more than 300 million people in more than 180 countries,” Bill Clinton said. “As many of these commitments come to fruition, I am proud that we will be showcasing the tangible impact they have made.”

More on the event can be found here

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Clinton Global Initiative to honor Sting
Musician and his wife, Trudie Styler, to receive prestigious Citizen Award for their commitment to protecting rain forests around the world.