Make no mistake, Clive Palmer is a billionaire that is having lots of fun with this cash. 

The 59-year-old mining magnate is awaiting the arrival of over 100 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs from China to add around his Palmer Coolum Resort. According to Agence France-Presse, this robotic version of Jurassic Park will feature some dinos over 20 feet tall and weighing more than a ton. Just like the towering Tyrannosaurus rex at Toys 'R Us in New York City, the robots will move their tails, heave their chests and even blink their eyes.

Palmer started his animatronic collection last year with the purchase of a Tyrannosaurus rex called Jeff and an omeisaurus named Bones. 

“If you’ve seen Jeff and Bones, well you haven’t seen anything yet," he said. "We’ll have the world’s biggest dinosaur exhibit, with 165 animatronic dinosaurs."

Seeing big dreams come to life is clearly something Palmer enjoys doing. In particular, he's gained a lot of press over the last year for his plans to create a full-size replica of the RMS Titanic. "We all live on this planet, we all breathe the same air and, of course, the Titanic is about the things we've got in common," he said earlier this year. "It links three continents."

Set to take its maiden voyage in 2016, the Titanic II will feature all modern luxuries, as well as cleaner diesel-powered engines, a bulbous bow for greater fuel efficiency, enlarged rudder and bow thrusters for increased maneuverability, and welding in place of rivets.

“I want to spend the money I’ve got before I die," Palmer said. 

The Palmer Coolum Resort expects to receive its new dino residents at the end of this month. You can check out video of the T. rex already on-site below. 

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Clive Palmer building giant robot dinosaur park
Australian billionaire orders 165 animatronic life-size dinosaurs for his Palmer Coolum Resort.