Still distraught from the aftermath of Mitt Romney's loss to Barack Obama Tuesday, Stephen Colbert took time Wednesday evening to decry the President's renewed interest in fighting global warming. 


"Whether we want his alternative energies or not, he is going to bend America over and stick solar panels where the sun don't shine," he lamented. "But as I suspected folks, alternative energy comes with risks." Colbert then went on to show a video of a couple that claims to be suffering from health issues due to their proximity to a wind farm. He also highlights a study that lists over 155 ailments attributed to the wind industry - including migraine headaches, sleep disturbance, stomach issues, Diabetes Type 1 - and the most hilarious - herpes. 


"Yes, herpes," Colbert quips. "As in, 'No baby, I didn't cheat on you, it was the wind mill - it used my toilet seat.' Which of course, begs the question," he adds. "Who has been f-ing our wind mills?" 


Check out the rest of the hilarious clip below. 


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Colbert discusses 'Wind Turbine Syndrome'
Comedian describes the litany of health issues claimed by people living near wind turbines - which includes, of all things, herpes.