Last week's decision by SunChips to drop its compostable bag was met with a wide range of both scorn and praise by fans of the brand. Since it was introduced late last year, some customers complained incessantly that the bags were too loud for their fragile ears.

Indeed, they were louder than your average chip bag, due to the molecular structure of the material; which incidentally also allowed it to fully compost away in a hot, active bin in as little as 14 weeks. Still SunChips felt the sting of criticism -- despite the fact that their bag was recipient of a 2010 R&D 100 Award -- and last week made the decision to drop it across the board save one flavor.

Stephen Colbert, in character for "The Colbert Report" series on Comedy Central agreed with the decision saying, “I don’t want my snack packaging to decompose. That’s a chilling reminder of my own mortality. My garbage is my legacy.”

He then goes on to list the other ways we can cut out noise from our lives: “Luckily we can save the planet from unpleasant sound by using new quiet coal technologies and breakthroughs in silent oil. And if we just do that much, eventually the ice caps will melt, the seas will rise, and our coastal cities will be underwater, where it’s nice and quiet.”

Check out the clip below and let me know what you think about SunChips' decision to drop their compostable bag. They've promised to start working on another (quieter) green bag for release in the future -- but is going back to a non-recyclable version really the answer while we wait?

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Colbert mocks SunChips for dropping compostable bag
Host of "The Colbert Report" agrees with decision, calling his garbage "his legacy".