Attention all goats: Stephen Colbert has his eye on you.

In a hilarious new segment called "People Destroying America," Stephen Colbert presented the story of landscapers having to deal with undocumented workers stealing their jobs. And by "undocumented", he means goats.

For those not familiar with the practice, goats in recent years have become popular as a green, low-coast alternative to traditional landscape services. Not only will they eat practically any plant in their way, but they'll do it at one-fourth of the cost. In the piece that aired on "The Colbert Report" last night, one satisfied customer said he could pay $2,500 for goats to clear an acre or $10,000 for humans to do the same job.

Companies such as Google and Yahoo! have been using goats for years as a way to mow down fields around their campuses and reduce invasive weeds and the threat of bush fires. But Colbert isn't buying any of it saying, “Goats, if you’re going to steal our landscaping jobs, humans are going to start producing feta cheese.”

Check out the clip below:

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People Destroying America- Goats Steal Landscaping Jobs
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Colbert says goats are destroying America
Comedy Central host decries the use of goats in landscape clearing because "they're taking jobs away from the American people".