Oscar-winner Colin Firth is fronting a new campaign for Survival International to raise awareness of the plight of the Awá tribe in the Brazilian rain forest and the forces that could destroy them. 


"The Awá's forest is being illegally cut for timber," he says in a PSA. "When the loggers see them, they kill them. Their bows and arrows are no match for guns. And at any other time in history, that's where it would end. Another people wiped off the face of the Earth, forever. But we're going to make sure the world doesn't let that happen."


According to Survival, there are an estimated 100 uncontacted Awá in addition to the 360 or so who have semi-settled in villages on their legally protected land. The group regards them as "the most vulnerable tribe on the planet", saying that exposure to something as simple as the common cold could wipe out an entire group


Firth, who has actively supported humanitarian campaigns in the past, appears towards the end of a beautiful and haunting four-minute short film produced by Survival International. It features unique footage of the Awá, who rarely allow outsiders into their communities. 


The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to contact Brazil’s Justice Minister so that he will send in federal police to clear out encroaching loggers and settlers. "It’s just not his priority," Firth says in the film. "Let’s push it up his list."


Check out the short film below. To send your own message to Brazil's Justice Minister, jump here.  


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Colin Firth launches campaign to save threatened Amazon tribe
Actor spearheads effort to stop deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon and save the Awá people from disaster.