If you happened to visit the Los Angeles Zoo recently, you may have spotted some rather unusual facts regarding some of the creatures on display. For instance, did you know the threat presented by being in close proximity to a family of meerkats?

The hilarious signs posted around the zoo came courtesy of comedian Jeff Wysaski, who has made the world a funnier place by leaving innocuous messages on everything from bookstore shelves to flower displays.

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Are you dating a bunch of bees??

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"I was somewhat bored with these more traditional humor avenues, so I started looking for something new," Wysaski told FastCoCreate of his Obvious Plant project. "Late last year, I hit on the idea of 'street humor' — for lack of a better term. I'd done a bit of this in the past, but the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had, so I felt the project warranted its own name and website."

For his L.A. Zoo prank, he also spotlighted the real-life "sixth sense" of the Southern crested screamer and the shocking true identity of President George Washington, among others.

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He was a highly koala-fied leader.

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You probably had no idea that owls love the series 'Friends'. (Photo: Obvious Plant/Tumblr)

Obvious Plant The sad reality of the Southern crested screamer. (Photo: Obvious Plant/Tumblr)

This isn't the first time Wysaski's Obvious Plant comedy has turned to animals. Last May, the popular Tumblr blogger pranked his local pet store with some very honest advertisements for some of the animals up for sale.

Voodoo Bird Voodoo Bird (Photo: Obvious Plant/Tumblr)

Tree Frog Tree Frog (Photo: Obvious Plant/Tumblr)

Godzilla Lizard Godzilla lizard gets a makeover. (Photo: Obvious Plant/Tumblr)

You can indulge in more of Wysaski's sign pranking by following him on Twitter, Instragram or Tumblr.

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Comedian pranks L.A. Zoo with inspired 'animal facts'
From meerkats controlling your cellphone to cheating flamingos, Jeff Wysaski's signs offer an amusing take on the animal kingdom.