I love AMC's "The Walking Dead" and have been a huge fan of the show throughout its record-breaking four seasons, but I have to admit that it's kind of wearing me down emotionally. I think it was right after the March finale, watched by an estimated 15.7M viewers, that I turned to my wife and declared, "This show is starting to depress the hell out of me." Apparently, I have a "four seasons of the apocalypse" tolerance for doom and gloom. But seriously - how much more of death, surprise deaths, violence, and OMG RUN moments can sustain one's interest? 

Showrunner Scott Gimple thinks the tolerance of his viewership is higher - much higher. In an interview with Larry King, Gimple said he's confident the series could last more than 10 seasons. 

"As a comic book, I don't know if it will end. As a TV show -- all TV shows end. But I will say, I think it's possible that it could go on and on and on," Gimple said. "I think if it went 10 years, if it was longer than that, it's possible that the cast -- considering the amount of deaths on this cast, and everything else -- after 10, 11, 12 years it could shift into a whole new cast."

Gimple's optimism builds upon comments by "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman; who said last year that he would be thrilled to see the show go beyond seven seasons. 

"I think we'd be incredibly fortunate if we were one of those shows that got to go seven seasons," he told CNN. "I think that's a good possibility in our future, the way things are going. Hopefully, we'll make it there. At the same time, this is a very unique show. You never know. Personally, if I could wave a magic wand, I'd make it go 20 seasons. This is the kind of story that is exciting to watch these characters grown and change over time."

With the recently-announced "Walking Dead" spinoff in development, it's clear we're in for at least several more seasons of depressing post-apocalyptic adventure. Despite my reluctance, I'll likely tune in to retain my addition to depressing dramas. Let's just hope there's a musical episode somewhere in there to help lighten the mood. Check out Gimple's interview with King below. 

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Could 'The Walking Dead' really last more than 10 seasons?
Series showrunner Scott Gimple hopes the post-apocalyptic zombie drama roams the television landscape for many years to come - but should we?