Louie Psihoyos, director of the Academy Award-winning documentary "The Cove", has let slip some details of his next film — and this time, he's looking to draw attention to species threatened by man-made extinction. 

“We’re shooting a 3-D film whose working title is 'The Singing Planet',” Psihoyos told the site Momentum. “It’s a film about the mass extinction of wildlife caused by humanity — I think it’s the biggest story out there right now.”

Unlike "The Cove", which focused on the small fishing village of Taiji, Japan, Psihoyos plans on filming the world over for "Singing Planet".

"We'll be all over the world for that one," he said. "The Gulf, Polynesia, all over the Pacific including Cocos and Galapagos, Europe and many places now being determined...."

While 3-D films have left a bit to be desired in terms of effect (with "Avatar" perhaps being the exception), a nature documentary might be something worth experiencing in the third dimension.

As filming has yet to wrap, a release date for "Singing Planet" is still anyone's guess. But if Psihoyos and his crew can bring the same attention to threatened species as they did to dolphins in "The Cove", then it will certainly be worth the wait. Let's just hope for their sake that it's sooner than later.

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