From the farmer who serenaded his captivated cows (and the Internet) with a trombone rendition of Lorde's hit song "Royal" comes yet another fine example of bovine performance art.

In an effort to show he has some happy cows, Derek Klingenberg, 34, sent a drone high above his Kansas farm and got creative with some strategic feed drops for his cattle. Using the real-time aerial view from the drone, Derek and his co-pilot Kyle were able to gently persuade the herd to form a happy face. 

Klingenberg, known for his parodies like "What does the farmer say?" and "Ranching Awesome," says his growing fame on the Internet hasn't changed his life at home. 

"It's weird. Millions of people all over the world watch my stuff, but I haven't left the farm," he told The Kansas City Star. "I'm just reading about it on my phone."

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Cow Art: Farmer uses drone, feed truck to organize 'happy' cows
Derek Klingenberg continues his amusing farming video series with this creative aerial view of some hungry cows.