Thanks to films like The End of the Line and books like Bottomfeeder, the crisis happening in our oceans is no longer an unknown, hidden problem. Overfishing and ocean pollution have now gained more public awareness. That said, much remains to be done to ensure that dying ocean species regain a foothold in the ecological system.

That’s what a new public service announcement advocating for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) seeks to do. Featuring eco-celebrities like Pierce Brosnan and Amy Smart, this PSA seeks to get support for MPAs along the Southern California coast.

What are MPAs? They’re basically like parks in the ocean — areas “set aside as safe havens to conserve marine life and their habitats,” according to this initiative’s description. Creating MPAs can let ocean populations rebound, undoing the damage done by overfishing and pollution.

Watch the PSA, then visit to get involved, whether it’s by writing letters or going to public meetings. Act now, because California’s expected to announce its final list of Southern California MPAs in December.

Create parks in the oceans
Join Pierce Brosnan to help create parks in the oceans. Marine Protected Areas will let our swimming species rebound!