Fans of last summer's unexpected SyFy hit "Sharknado," rejoice! Based on early reviews, it appears that the New York City follow-up has all the bite, campy dialog, and laugh-out-loud moments of the original. If it's a social media storm anywhere near the popularity we saw last year, sharks falling from the sky will likely become a familiar weather pattern on the SyFy Channel for years to come. You're welcome, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering

Don Kaplan of the NY Daily News calls "Sharknado 2: The Second One" a "slightly better, more watchable movie than its predecessor," adding the caveat: "But let’s be clear here. As a movie, the original “Sharknado” made some PowerPoint presentations seem exciting."

Over at Indie Wire, Liz Shannon Miller admits critics were loosened up a bit with "Sharktinis" before watching a screening - which somehow seems justified.

"The Sharktini is made of vodka, Grand Marnier, Blue Curacao and Grenadine," she shares. "It is blue. They have been serving it for about an hour and a half, before "Sharknado 2" is unleashed upon the crowd." 

She goes on to call the flick "full of self-referential insanity," but also "a lot of (albeit ridiculous) fun."

"Sharknado 2's" humor appears to best come across in groups; a social reaction that may not translate well to a solo viewing at home. Regardless, critic Kristi Turnquist points out plenty of awful performances that are sure to make most crack a smile. 

"The cast includes Mark McGrath, who is such a hole onscreen the helium-filled shark balloons floating aloft at the Beverly Hilton had more personality than he did," she writes. 

Get those Sharktinis ready. "Sharknado 2: The Second One" premieres July 30th.

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Critics embrace fun of 'Sharknado 2' in early reviews
New York City-based sequel features Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and hungry, airborne sharks.