Mickael Jou: Picking flowers

All photos courtesy of Mickael Jou

In this whimsical 365 self-portrait series called "Air Through the Ashes," Berlin-based dancer Mickael Jou leaps and pirouettes through his daily life — from trips to supermarkets and cafes to leisurely strolls through museums and parks.

The Taiwanese-French-American artist, who specializes in ballet and modern dance, began this photographic journey as a result of his experiences dancing in the streets of Paris. Flocks of tourists would gather to photograph and film his performances, inspiring him to pick up his own camera.

The resulting combination of these two distinct arts — dancing and photography — is downright ethereal. As you flip through his magnetizing photo portfolio, you'll quickly notice that in many of the scenes, it appears as if he is effortlessly levitating above the ground.

"My self-portraits help me express the emotions that I feel while dancing," Jou writes. "Dance is a very powerful art form, and I try to translate my emotions into my photography."

Mickael Jou: Grocery shopping

As with many 365 photography projects, it takes a lot of imagination and dedication to continuously churn out great work, but Jou faces these challenges with unwavering enthusiasm.

"I’ve spent the last three years working on this 365 photo project," Jou explains, "and will probably need another three years to finish it."

Continue below for more of these levitating self-portraits, and be sure to follow Jou's work on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

Mickael Jou: Bicycle share

Mickael Jou: Reaching

Mickael Jou: Entering gate

Mickael Jou: Lock bridge

Mickael Jou: Stroll through woods

Mickael Jou: Meeting for lunch

Mickael Jou: White sheet

Mickael Jou: Park bench

Mickael Jou: Descending steps

Mickael Jou: Autumn

Mickael Jou: Floating

Mickael Jou: Green field

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Dancer levitates his way through 365 self-portrait series
Mickael Jou's ethereal self-portraits offer a glimpse of the emotions he feels while dancing.